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Hawaii Travel Restrictions. ALOHA! Hawaii is usually at the top of most people’s “bucket lists.” Almost 9 million tourists visit the islands annually to vacation, sightsee, hike, explore, golf, snorkel, surf, and celebrate milestones. Tourists are welcomed and made to feel like ohana (extended family).

It is named the pearl of the Pacific Ocean. Hawaii is an excellent destination for those who love to explore the majestic beauty of nature and the sea, especially when summer comes. There are many large and small islands, famous for many beautiful atolls. Hawaii attracts tourists with its fresh air, stunning natural landscape, clear blue sky, and beautiful ocean. So, what to do in Hawaii and how to visit Hawaii? Let’s check out our Hawaii travel blog.

Hawaii Travel Restrictions Update 2022

Hawaii Travel Restrictions. At midnight on March 25, 2022, Hawaii reportedly discontinued its “Safe Travels” program for visitors within the United States. Additionally, Governor Ige declared that the indoor mask requirement would be lifted as of March 26, 2022. Masks like buses may still be necessary for Hawaii’s airports and public transit.

Thus, there will no longer be any additional criteria or limitations for domestic passengers to travel to Hawaii. They will no longer need to worry about Q.R. codes, fill out online forms through Safe Travels, or produce proof of immunization.

The COVID-19 Emergency Rules have been revoked at the county level by the counties of Hawaii, Maui, and Kauai. On Sunday, March 6, 2022, the Safe Access Oahu program of the City and County of Honolulu ended.

“One component of a multi-layered strategy for COVID safety is Safe Travels. Before the widespread availability of immunizations and throughout the pandemic’s surges. The initiative was crucial in keeping Hawaii’s residents safe, “John De Fries, CEO of the Hawaii Tourism Authority, remarked. The Governor’s decision strikes a healthy balance between maintaining acceptable health safeguards and reopening our society and economy. “Bringing the Safe Travels program to a stop symbolizes the progress we have accomplished as a state,” said Governor Ige.

Hawaii Entry Requirements

No longer are domestic arrival travelers subject to COVID requirements. Hawaii Travel Restrictions as of June 12, 2022, the federal government of the U.S. will no longer require recovery from COVID-19 documentation or a negative pre-departure COVID-19 test result.

On April 18, the federal mask requirement expired, and masks are no longer necessary in airports. Many airlines have also loosened their mask regulations, making them no longer required to be worn on board.

  • The indoor mask law in Hawaii expired on March 25, 2022. People over 65, those with weakened immune systems, those who care for individuals at risk of severe disease, and those who have not received the COVID-19 vaccine are strongly advised to wear masks.
  • Mask use may still be encouraged or required by some businesses.
  • As of 12:01 ET, June 12, 2022, a negative pre-departure COVID-19 test result or documentation of recovery from COVID-19 is no longer necessary.

Travel to Hawaii

The first and most crucial step in having a trip to 

Hawaii is to select the destinations you want to visit. While the islands share similarities, there are enough differences that it’s essential to decide which island is suitable for you.

Head to Oahu if you enjoy the nightlife, great food, and a memorable vacation. It’s also one of the best sites in Hawaii for hiking.

Fly to Maui if beaches, snorkeling, and splendid resorts are your place. It’s also the best Hawaiian beach for snorkeling.

Pack your bags for the Big Island if volcanoes, adventure, and swimming with manta rays are on your bucket list.

Kick your feet up in Kauai if you love jagged cliffs, lush landscapes, and a quieter, slower pace.

There is no wrong time to visit Hawaii, but some factors make certain times of the year more optimal than others. When we think of the best time to visit Hawaii (or the worst).

Generally, the best time to visit any Hawaiian island is during the shoulder season: September/October and April/May. 

Hawaii is in the tropics, so you will have warm weather year-round. But there are definitely months of higher rainfall. And if you want the best chance of avoiding rain on your trip, you shouldn’t visit during those months.

Getting away for a vacation can be difficult, but you want to stay long enough to make it worthwhile. Hawaii is not a quick trip, even from the west coast. Plan on a 5-hour plane ride and a few hour’s time difference. So heading to Hawaii for just a few days will make your trip feel rushed and exhausting.

Hawaii Travel Update 2022

Hawaii is a popular “bucket-list” vacation destination for people worldwide. It should not be surprising that Hawaii Travel Restrictions surrounding the Covid-19 Pandemic would impact the islands. But the reality of how severe that impact is almost as breathtaking as the state’s natural attractions, though far less beautiful.  

The tourism industry makes up about 21% of the Hawaiian economy, and in 2019 it accounted for approximately 216,000 jobs (source). That’s about 15% of the entire Hawaiian population (census). According to the Hawaiian Tourism Authority, this has inevitably led to the state having one of the most significant covid-related unemployment growths in the U.S… In October 2020, visitor arrivals decreased by a colossal 97.4% compared to the same time frame the year before (source). This devastating blow has also left many families facing hunger for the first time in their lives.  

Signaling that Hawaii is eager to jump-start its battered tourism and hospitality industries. Gov. David Y. Ige said that the state would ease Covid restrictions this month and welcome international travelers again under new federal guidelines that take effect.Still, the Governor’s order was evidence that the state was progressing in the pandemic.

Do you have to be vaccinated to go to Hawaii?

On February 8, 2022. Governor David Ige announced that domestic passengers are not required to submit proof of COVID-19 booster shots. Hawaii’s current Safe Travels program will remain in its

 current form. The statutory five-day quarantine will no longer apply to anyone who had their COVID-19 immunization series. 14 days before arriving or who presents a reliable negative pre-travel test.

Governor Ige successfully strikes a compromise between safeguarding the public’s health and safety and sustaining the economic recovery that helps many of our kamaaina families. Although travelers are not forced to have booster shots, the government advises them to wear masks. Keep up with their COVID-19 vaccinations, and travel carefully around our islands, “John De Fries, president and CEO of HTA, said. “To guarantee that Hawaii is a safe and effective host to our guests. Many of Hawaii’s businesses and industry partners continue to work diligently to vaccinate their staff and give booster shots. We value each individual’s commitment to caring for themselves and one another through mama (self-care).”


Hawaii Safe Travels

“The Safe Travels program was a massive initiative that would not have been possible. Without the cooperation and support of the government agencies and numerous visitor industry partners who worked tirelessly to serve our communities in this effort. From the global dissemination of travel requirements to testing and screening, the call center response and check-ins with quarantined individuals, and the airlines which stepped up to pre-clear their passengers. We would especially like to thank the many kamaainas who served as Safe Travels screeners and patiently worked with passengers to ensure their compliance with our health precautions.

Until further notice, Hawaii’s statewide indoor mask law is still in effect. The COVID-19 Emergency Rules have been revoked at the county level by the counties of Hawaii, Maui, and Kauai. On Sunday, March 6, 2022, the Safe Access Oahu program of the City and County of Honolulu will end.

“The recovery of Hawaii’s tourist market and the economy will be slow.” De Fries continued, “and HTA will continue to work carefully to educate visitors about the duty that they have with our citizens to Malama (care for) our home.”

Maui Travel Restrictions

YES! Maui’s tourism industry shut down last March 2020 when the Hawaiian islands went into lockdown. Hawaii asked visitors not to visit the islands and conducted a mandatory quarantine for anyone arriving in Hawaii. The compulsory quarantine was initially set to 14 days in October 2020, then 10 days in December 2020, and finally, 5 days in January 2022.

Now, 2 years later, the travel quarantine and Safe Travels Hawaii program have ended! Since there is no longer a required quarantine, visitors do not need proof of vaccination or a negative test to leave the area. 

Additionally, Hawaii residents do not need to provide proof of immunization or a negative test when traveling between islands. FOR TRAVELERS FROM AROUND THE WORLD: Currently, non-U.S. To enter the U.S., citizens DO NOT need to be immunized, provide documentation of a negative test, or show that they have recovered from COVID-19. For the most recent federal requirements for visitors arriving in Hawaii from abroad, consult the CDC website.

Hawaii Covid Restrictions

No longer are domestic arrival passengers subject to COVID requirements. Additionally, as of June 12, 2022, the federal government of the U.S. will no longer require recovery from COVID-19 documentation or a negative pre-departure COVID-19 test result. The Governor removed all limitations, testing requirements, vaccination card requirements, and the requirement for indoor masks. 

You’re a very fortunate traveler. There are no requirements that previous guests had to meet. All you need to visit this location is a means of transportation, a place to stay, the most recent edition of our guidebook, and our brand-new audio tours. However, you may still come across federal regulations requiring a mask, such as in medical facilities that accept Medicare. Still, that’s it. Even airplane mask regulations have been eliminated.

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