Kauai Travel Restrictions


Kauai Travel Restrictions at this time, there are no new travel-related restrictions for domestic travelers. The Governor’s office and island mayors have yet to indicate they plan to reintroduce any limits.

The “Safe Travels” initiative and the mask requirement will terminate on March 26, 2022. At midnight on March 25, 2022, Hawaii reportedly discontinued its “Safe Travels” program for visitors within the United States.

Additionally, Governor Ige declared that the indoor mask requirement was lifted as of March 26, 2022. Masks, such as buses, may still be necessary for Hawaii’s airports and public transit.

Thus, there will no longer be any additional criteria or limitations for domestic passengers to travel to Hawaii. They will no longer need to worry about QR codes, fill out online forms through Safe Travels, or produce proof of immunization.

COVID-19 Emergency Rules

The COVID-19 Emergency Rules have been revoked at the county level by Hawaii, Maui, and Kauai counties. On Sunday, March 6, 2022, the Safe Access Oahu program of the City and County of Honolulu ended. Kauai Ends Restrictions on Social Gatherings

On March 1, 2022, Mayor Derek S. K. Kawakami revoked COVID-19’s final emergency rule. Kauai Travel Restrictions. Emergency Rule 28 used to place restrictions on social gatherings and demand that any meetings exceeded those limitations demonstrate. Attendees must be immunized entirely or could provide documentation of a negative COVID test. Prominent event planners are strongly urged to promote these best practices as part of their company operations, even though the protocol is no longer required.

Masks now Optional in Hawaii

The requirement for indoor masks in Hawaii ended on March 25, 2022. Federal law sometimes mandates wearing a mask. Review the face-covering requirements for the Kauai bus and shuttle, which could be reintroduced at any time, although they were removed.

Travelling to Kauai (Lihue Airport – LIH)

There are no limitations on domestic travel to Hawaii. As of March 26, 2022, Kauai Travel Restrictions has no documentation or quarantine needed for a household trip to Hawaii or interisland transit within Hawaii.

Worldwide Travellers Visit https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/travelers/testing-international-air-travelers.html for information on admission requirements to the United States.

Testing of COVID-19 on Kauai

Kauai Travel Restrictions. If you have COVID-19 symptoms or have had close contact with a positive case, please isolate yourself and get tested using a home test or by contacting your doctor.

According to Dr. Janet Berreman, the district health officer for Kauai, “Home test kits are a convenient way to reduce the risk of spreading COVID to others. Use a home test immediately if you have symptoms of COVID. If your self-test is negative, repeat the test on or about two days later while remaining in isolation. If you’ve been exposed to someone with COVID, test three to four days after exposure and again on the fifth day.

Airport Health Requirements

Visitors from the United States do not require vaccination documentation or a COVID-19 test result to enter Hawaii. Visit

the U.S. as sure overseas passengers may still need COVID-19 vaccines. Website of the State Department. Check the COVID-19 Community Level for Kauai Travel Restrictions on your island. Bring masks with you if you visit a place where they are required. If you catch COVID-19 while traveling and need to extend your stay, make arrangements for additional lodging, adjustments to your itinerary, and related costs.


Private group trips for groups larger than six individuals are not permitted. Outside the aircraft, guides must keep at least 6 feet from their party.


Strictly regulate the number of customers admitted to retail establishments and regularly cleanse surfaces, including bathrooms, to maintain social distancing. Emphasize contactless payment technologies throughout all payment processes and require all employees to wear gloves. Advise patrons to purchase tickets that allow the attraction to track their movements and activities while on the property. Install sanitizing wipes, hand sanitizers, and cleaning stations in heavy-traffic areas and shut off all drinking fountains. Ensure parties sit six feet apart.


Group tours with more than 10 participants are not permitted. Parties should maintain a distance of not below 6 feet between themselves and the guides leading their group. Adjust capacity to ensure that all parties are at least 6 feet apart. Allow only staff members wearing gloves to distribute leis. Load vehicles from the back forward unless a rear entrance is present.

Surfaces need to be cleaned and disinfected before and after usage. To prevent guests from approaching the loaders. More effectively use signage at pickup places and monitor visitors’ temperatures. There will need to be a 6-foot space between passengers preparing to board.


“All staff members must maintain a 6-foot buffer zone and clean and sanitize the surfaces (Kayaking, Kiteboarding, Standup Paddle Boarding, Surfing & Windsurfing) between showings.”


Parties will be seated at least 6 feet apart from other guests. Contractors, volunteers, and employees demonstrate appropriate physical separation from customers. Surfaces must be cleaned following every usage. No sharing of condiments. Plates will be prepared in places like buffets.


They will not allow groups to have more than 10 participants.  Require cleaning before each ride and have all staff members maintain a 6-foot distance.


It is an attraction and adventure often. Visitors coming into this area want to make sure they will experience this; make sure to remember these guidelines on your travel to Kauai;

Group tours with more than 10 participants are not permittable. All staff members must keep a 6-foot distance between each other unless necessary for safety procedures or Zipline operations.


Theater show also has some important

you must follow rules; here are things to remember;

You must have to sit one seat apart. Staff will require you to have two empty seats. You will be happy they will sanitize the area. staff members will not come near you at least 6 feet. Do not greet everyone, They require you not to. You must hold your ticket, and do not give it to the staff. They will always monitor the capacity and will enforce social distancing. Employees will hand out leis to visitors while wearing gloves. 

There will be little entertainment throughout the dinner to allow for staff/employee separation. Visitors won’t help themselves to food. They will close the bars, they will give drinks to the table.

Kauai Island Tour

Our two main tour options are adaptable on their own. 

Call 1 808 651 3948 for a future short tour or if you want a specific itinerary. or scroll down to the “contact” section below and leave a message. 

Dedicated photographer? 

Call or send a message in the “contact” section below to learn more about the exclusive private sunrise-to-sunset photo tour.

Waimea Canyon and South Side Tour:

A tour takes you to all the must-see locations on Kauai’s south and west sides, including the canyon. Where you can take in the breathtaking vistas and natural plants that the Hawaiians used for various purposes. Visitors to this tour will witness rainbows, whales, the pueo owl, turtles, seals, large surf, and other natural wonders. They will narrate three historical stories. Watch out for feral pigs, hens, and goats.

Try a variety of coffee tastes and combinations while dining at a top-notch restaurant, a popular hangout, or a food truck. Rest sure that you will be traveling to excellent locations, Snap pictures of the scenery and yourself. You must eat at the designated area. There are coolers and cold water available.

North Shore Tour / East Side Tour:

Kauai has been offering this journey for more than ten years and features numerous breathtaking beaches and waterfalls. On this excursion, you might see and experience whale pods, monk seal colonies, gushing waterfalls, frigate and albatross birds, turtles, and unending natural splendor. Going to locations on the island that one could miss without a native and imparting knowledge of the island to visitors are the things I enjoy most about showing tourists around. 

Along the trip, we occasionally spot monk seals or humpback whales. Discover the island’s intriguing past, visit some of the world’s most breathtaking natural settings, and snap plenty of pictures. Before we start, stop at a market or choose a restaurant for lunch. There are coolers and cold water available.

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